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The House of Houdini in Budapest, Hungary, is the premier meeting point for magicians and lovers of the art of magic from all over the world. Located in the mysterious Castle district of Budapest in a majestic location, just a hundred meters from the Royal Palace.

Devoted to the greatest magician and escape artist of all time, Hungarian born Harry Houdini, The House aims to safeguard the largest permanent exhibition of Harry Houdini artifacts in Europe and contributes to the preservation of his artistry for the future generations.

With live magic entertainment and state of the art interactive wonders, The House of Houdini brings the best of magic to one location.

The House of Houdini Collection comprises some of the rarest and most unusual items ever put on display.

Starting with original Houdini items, such as handcuffs, personal letters, and other precious artifacts, the exhibit is enriched with unique original props from the latest "HOUDINI" film featuring Oscar winner Adrien Brody.

During your visit you will be amazed by the most talented young magicians in town at the Orpheum, a mini theater in the Saloon of The House.

Don't forget to take a picture with Harry's Shadow, before you leave. If you are lucky, and he is in the mood, he will amaze you with a never seen before wonder...



The Greatest Escape Artist of all time was born in Budapest on the 24th of March in 1874, in the Terézváros district of the city, as Erik Weisz, according to his Birth Certificate. The family moved to Appleton, Wisconsin, USA when Erik was only four-years-old. Despite his very young age, Erik started to sell newspapers and work as a shoe shine boy. After watching the performance of a travelling magician, named Dr. Lynn, in Appleton, Erik became interested in magic.

Leaving home aged 12, in the hope of a better life and to support his family, Erik, (his name later evolved to Ehric, then Harry), arrived in New York, where he landed a job as a tie cutter. It is believed that during this period he had his first real encounter with magic literature, when he read the autobiography of Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin, a French magician considered to be the first pioneer of modern day magic.

As a sign of respect to Robert Houdin, Harry adds an "i" to Houdin, and starts to perform with his work colleague and fellow tie cutter Jacob Hyman as "The Houdini Brothers". Houdini's blood brother Theo later replaces Hyman in the act.

In 1893, whilst performing in Coney Island, Harry met Wilhelmina Beatrice Rahner (Bess), who performed at the same venue with her group, The Floral Girls.

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Bess becomes Houdini's assistant, and one year later they marry. In the following years, the name Houdini becomes a household name, a metaphor for freedom and mystery.

Houdini dies on the 31st of October 1926 in Detroit, Michigan. Almost 100 years later, his star continues to shine around the world, brighter than ever.


Located at 11 Dísz Square, within the walls of the Buda Castle, The House of Houdini is just steps away from the Royal Palace, and the (St.) Matthias Church, on the Buda side of the Danube River.

Part of UNESCO World Heritage, the Buda Castle and its historical buildings date back to the 13th Century. The sturdy walls are ingrained with secret stories and mysticism.

Harry Houdini was born in Budapest in 1874, in the Terézváros district of the city, in a building which no longer exists. The House of Houdini wishes to present a unique tribute to the legendary artist, in a location that we hope Harry Houdini would enjoy.

For more historical facts on Houdini's birthplace and the progress of our latest research, you are kindly invited to visit our Research Unit.


The House of Houdini is open every day, 10 am-7 pm. An Invitation or Reservation is required.

Once you enter the green gate of 11 Dísz Square, you will immediately notice some unusual items on display... Two Water Torture Cells housing incredible visual effects, a large safe and a giant stopwatch is awaiting you to shoot your very own selfie.

Tickets start at 8 euros for children between 4-11, and are priced at 12 euros for adults. A limited number of tickets is available only, entrance is guaranteed solely to reserved Visitors. Please note that our program is not suitable for kids under 4 years of age. Online tickets are available by clicking on Tickets menu.

You are welcome to enter The House anytime during opening hours, but please note that you are requested to have an invitation or a valid reservation. Admission to The Show starts every 30 minutes pending availability and once you solve the Entrance Arcane. Please note that The House of Houdini offers an exclusive program offered to many but not open to all.

In fact, entrance to the magic area is possible only after successfully decoding the secret message on your entrance ticket. If you fail to decode it, the secret passage will not appear, and we will refund your ticket. However our staff will be happy to provide some hints...

Visitors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult - Visit is not possilbe under 4. Entrance is subject to availability.

The House of Houdini operates in the building at 11 Dísz Square, in a limited amount of space. It is strongly advisable to book your ticket in advance. If you are attending a special event, please keep in mind that no casual or inappropriate attire will be allowed.


Dear Visitor,

Thank you for considering The House of Houdini for your next trip.

We are open every day of the week from 10 am till 7 pm. You are welcome to visit us every day during opening hours. Depending on your time of arrival, you will be booked to the next available program if you are holding a Reservation or Invitation. Please note that our show is in English language in order to provide an informative and entertertaining visit to all of our worldwide Visitors.


May you wish to book your ticket online, you may be asked to wait a short time before being booked to the next available program upon arrival. Our ticket office will do all they can to reduce your waiting time to the minumum as a new program starts every 30 minutes. Thank you for your understanding.

You are welcome to book your tickets here, or feel free to buy them direclty on the spot, after checking availability. Please buy your tickets online only if you accept the above.

We look forward to seeing you soon at The House of Houdini in Budapest.

Our Team

Meet the most talented magicians in town. We will enchant you with our magical art and superb conjuring skills at the Orpheum of The House. Prepare yourself to be amazed on a journey in time, at The House of Houdini.

The Founders

David Merlini is a renowned escape artist and a seasoned producer with more than 20 years’ experience.

Touring the globe with his unique form of escapology, introducing a new style of grand escapes, breaking world records, not only with his feats of endurance but also with his TV ratings.

Merlini is an avid collector of antique magic items related to Houdini and wishes to present a tribute to the legendary artist with The House of Houdini.

John Gaughan is a legendary figure of international magic; he is an inventor and builder of the most exclusive magic apparatus and is an antique magic item collector. John Gaughan is the inventor and patents holder of some of the most innovative illusions ever conceived such as the flying illusion of David Copperfield.

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With our in-house Research Unit, we aim to investigate, evaluate and reconstruct Houdini's history.

It is our great pleasure to initiate the very first systematic research ever carried out in Hungary on Houdini's early Hungarian years, roots and family connections.

In cooperation with the National Széchényi Library of Budapest, we scrutinize Houdini's Legends under the magnifying glass, trying to find objective historical evidence through documents, official records, and books, to educate and preserve the life and magic of the Greatest Showman in history, Harry Houdini.

Our Team

Barbara Kiss - Head of Research
Please feel free to get in touch with us at research@houseofhoudinibudapest.com


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There is always something going on at The House. An evening of saloon magic at the Orpheum, our in-house state of the art mini theater, special guests appearing - and disappearing. This and many other wonders await you at 11 Dísz Square.

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