The House of Houdini’s Research Unit aims to investigate, evaluate and reconstruct the life story of legendary illusionist and performer Harry Houdini. It is our great pleasure to initiate the very first systematic research ever carried out in Hungary on Houdini’s early Hungarian years, roots and family connections. Many stories have been passed down about Harry Houdini’s life. Previously unknown documents still existing in Hungary may prove some of these to be true, and some to be popular legends. We aim to inform the general public by depicting a realistic picture of the time and place where Houdini was born, introducing new connections and documents that have never been published.

Our research will cover many fields. We will unearth details never known to researchers, mainly due to lack of knowledge of the Hungarian language. Future posts will be of interest both to Hungarian followers, as well as to Houdini fans around the world. They will constitute a rich resource for factual historical information on the time and place where Houdini spent his childhood years. In addition to being the world’s first Houdini memorial site, our goal is to establish The House of Houdini, Budapest, as the primary source of factual information on this legendary artist’s life.


Barbara Kiss

U.S. English Editor

Michael J. Ruffing